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Using Cheap Ink Can Cost You Money In Long Term Repairs

OKI C9DP+ Envelope Print System
OKI C9DP+ Envelope Print System
November 27, 2018
Mimaki CJV150 Series Large-Format Printers
Mimaki CJV150 Series Large-Format Printers
May 10, 2019

Sign It Right, LLC quick update:

We pulled data from our last year of business operations and noticed we had a huge increase in printer repairs in the Texas market. At first glance we were under the impression our S.E.O in the printer repair space was doing a good job and although that is true, we are noticing that a lot of the service repair issues were due to poor ink quality. I’m not totally against third party inks (especially those from quality ink manufactures) however a few dollars in savings may cost you thousands down the road. Print head manufactures create print-heads, and tubing to exactly match the amount of pigment load in said print technologies, UV, Aqueous, Dye Sublimation UV Curable etc. In addition, these factors also match a durability and quality standard.

Without these instructions an ink manufacture cannot accurately produce the specifications required to ensure the ink wont damage the printer. THIS IS NOT LIKE A VEHICLE!!! A car manufacture creates their engines and motors based on the Gasoline since there are not many options. This is not the same with Ink.  In closing; if you elect to go this route find out about your ink companies warranty statements, ask them where the ink is made and who’s going to support it in the event of a failure. Most ink facilities require a clean room environment… Ask them if they can get proprietary specifications from the manufacture and are in fact making the ink to match those exactly… What you will find out is that 95% of the time the answer going to be NO. Cheap ink, is made Cheap!

Would you put cheap gas/oil in your work truck that requires diesel? For those with an expensive printer would you put unleaded fuel in your Ferrari??  Remember even if the ink doesn’t initially give your printer a challenge, it’s possible that it’s starting the deterioration process and your printer may be declining in life from the time you place the ink in your device. Depending on the printer setup in may take up to 20% for that ink to even hit the print head as it’s just making it’s way through the printers plumbing.


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