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Buy the ColorPainter Big Format Printer in your area. While other prints lose density as they go faster due to small drop sizes and low viscosity inks, the new ColorPainter W-64s uses high viscosity inks and an ultra modern piezo-inkjet head to deliver outstanding image quality and no color density loss. OKI’s improved dot pattern enables razor sharp, crisp images at all print modes. Choose between high-production modes with unmatched print speeds, or high-resolution print modes with less grain.

ColorPainter W64


The neon inks, the world’s first solvent-based fluorescent inks for wide format inkjet printers, vastly expand the application of the ColorPainter W series. The neon inks are available in two colors, Neon Yellow and Neon Pink, which are used in combination with the ColorPainter GX ink set. The neon inks can be printed not only as “Spot colors”, but also as part of traditional CMYK “Process color”. Mixing those two colors with other colors also gives fluorescent effect to the other colors, creating a wide range of interesting and unique output possibilities.
The printed image has eye catching vividness under the normal lighting and it glows under black lighting, so they are suitable for various eye catching indoor*2 applications.


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