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Roll-X Multipurpose Applicator

ROLL-X offers a wide selection of products that will make your daily sign production easier, more efficient and will increase productivity!

Buy ROLL-X Multipurpose Applicator in TexasRoll-X Multipurpose Applicator gives you access to the superior production method provided by the Flatbed Applicator technique. We offer you a selection of two models with three different sizes: Roll-X Professional & Roll-X Advantage. Both models are delivered with a lot of unique features and offers a wide selection of options/accessories.

Applications the Roll-X Multipurpose Applicator

  • Mounting
  • Pre-masking
  • Lamination
  • Worktable with self-healing cutting mat


  • The flatbed gives you complete control over positioning and produces a result free from bubbles and creases. One operator can mount large format digital print and self-adhesive film to many substrates like acrylic, rigid boards, corrugated plastic, metal plate, banners and glass.


  • Designed for cold flatbed lamination of digital prints and signs, by using pressure sensitive lamination film direct from roll or sheet by sheet for minimum waste. Heat assist roller is available as option.


  • Enables a single person to apply transfer tape to cut vinyl graphics from the built-in tape roll holder.

Work Table

  • You need no further cutting table. Rollsroller will become your new work table, with a unique and self-healing cutting mat.
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