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  • Océ ColorWave 500

    Océ ColorWave 500

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    The best of solid toner paired with inkjet printing technology uses accurate dot positioning to create crisp, vibrant graphics that dry instantly on plain and recycled media. The wide format plotter delivers instantly dry prints, so there is zero drying time and your prints can be handled, stacked or folded immediately.

    Like other members of the Océ large format family, this printer works just like a tablet thanks to the Océ ClearConnect user interface. The Océ ClearConnect software suite also gives you more flexible and effortless ways to submit and manage files. Print from your desktop via Océ Publisher Select? or Océ Direct Print software to manage complex document sets. You can even print from the cloud, your smartphone or tablet.

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  • Océ PlotWave 345/365

    Océ PlotWave 345/365

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    • Touchscreen with multi-touch gestures for tablet/smartphone-like interaction.
    • Easily control printer and scanner/copier with your fingertips using the simple screen movements.
    • Swipe, spread, and zoom in on details of a drawing.
    • Live Preview function to confirm documents are correctly scanned to avoid errors.
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  • Océ PlotWave 450/550

    Océ PlotWave 450/550

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    Gives you flexible media options: The Océ PlotWave 450/550 can be configured as either a 2-roll or a 4-roll system giving you a wide range of media sizes at you disposal.

    Choose your speed: Take your pick between the 8 D-Size sheet per minute PlotWave 450 or step it up to 10 sheets per minute with the Océ PlotWave 550.

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  • Océ PlotWave 750

    Océ PlotWave 750

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    Productive wide format black & white print/copy/scan system with color scanning

    • 9 A1 prints per minute
    • Start up immediately with Radiant Fusing
    • Up to six media rolls
    • Impressive security functions
    • Sustainable
    • Powerful mobile / network capabilities
    • Intuitive and ergonomic operation
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