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  • CET Color K2-1000 Flatbed PrinterCET Color K2-1000 Flatbed Printer

    CET Color Flatbed Printer “The Everest” – K2-1000

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    Revolutionizing the large-format UV flatbed and hybrid market, the K2-Series printing presses boast a remarkable 5-picoliter drop size. This super-fine drop results in producing some of the highest quality prints ever seen in the industry. When compared to similar printers in the market, the K2-Series line of printing presses feature considerably lower initial investment cost along with lower long-term operational cost.

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  • CET Color - K2-250H Blue-GreyCET Color K2-1000 Flatbed Printer

    CET Color Flatbed Printer “The Minnehaha” – K2-250h

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    • State-of-the-art Kyocera print head technology featuring 2,656 nozzles per head
    • Ultra-fine variable dots from as small as 5 picoliter to 10 and 15 picoliter
    • Configurable from 2 to 3 print heads: CMYK to CMYK + W
    • Equipped with UV LEDS
    • Front and rear extension tables can be secured to print on rigid media up to 2″ thick
    • Retractable alignment bar for accurate and rigid media alignment
    • Full width, belt-driven vacuum area firmly holds media in place while moving it through the printing gantry
    • Uses fast drying, VOC-free UV inks
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