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January 6, 2018
Markets Sign & Graphics
Markets Sign & Graphics
January 6, 2018

The modern workplace is continually evolving with advances in IT accelerating innovation.

With over a third of businesses predicted to be actively planning for a digital world, many have already begun to implement efficient document capture workflows along with other automated business processes to increase employee productivity and provide secure access to documents while reducing costs.

Paper-based processes are unreliable for multi-site enterprises.  Transforming them into more efficient electronic workflows can cut down on wasted time, save on valuable physical real estate and reduce the incidence of human error in processing.
Whether you have one location or a dozen, monitoring and controlling your print fleet is time consuming and challenging. Faults are not easily identified and devices may be out of action when consumables run out, wasting time and budget.
Remote workers and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends require businesses to be more flexible, allowing employees to securely print from their personal and company owned smartphones, tablets and laptops.
OKI Data Americas is able to help your office.  We’ve been building and supporting cost-effective, industrial-grade printers for 40+ years.  We understand the challenges and demands of the office workspace, regardless of industry.  And we know how to leverage the right printing solutions to satisfy your upper management, keep your employees productive and keep costs low.

Powerful Benefits

Providing the right equipment to convert and integrate paper documents into electronic workflows, OKI’s Office Solutions make it easy for busy offices and workgroups to capture and index documents, extract relevant data and distribute to fax, email, shared network folders, cloud repositories and content management systems.

  • The ability to track interactions, edits and versions improves collaboration, response times and approvals
  • Digitizing paper documents and saving incoming files into searchable formats (such as PDF/A) saves storage costs and enables long-term archiving of electronic documents

Help lower your operational costs by utilizing our managed print services that:

  • Reduce your printing costs up front and long term
  • Realize a predictable monthly cost with access to print activity
  • Free up internal resources to focus on critical business needs
  • Improve printer service levels and minimize device downtime
  • Reduce energy consumption through device consolidation

OKI can help organizations to define corporate document and printing policies, proactively monitoring and managing print security.

  • User PIN authentication or IC card access, combined with a pull-printing solution can be introduced to manage document accessibility and help to avoid confidential documents being left unattended on printers and MFPs
  • Additionally substantial savings are obtained as unnecessary printing is avoided

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