Guardian Calender Heat press 67″

Guardian Calenders are an affordable, easy to use solution for all your dye sublimation paper transfer and direct-to-fabric applications. The Guardian’s intuitive design makes for quick, easy use, maintenance and cleaning, thus saving time on production. Solid, all steel construction provides high quality performance and ensures Guardian Calenders are built to last.


  • All steel component construction
  • Temperature accuracy is controlled by a precision Infra-Red sensor, ensuring consistency during the entire transfer process
  • Heat is supplied by a specially engineered Infra-Red Quartz Element, providing even temperatures when running pieces or roll-to-roll
  • Fast warm-up and cool down times save energy and labor
  • Nomex felt belt with a Kevlar reinforced center for added durability.
  • Adjustable pressure settings
  • Mechanically adjusted belt without compressed air; the belt does not need adjustment before, during or after the transfer process

Temperature Control

  • Temperature is adjustable up to 220°C (428°F)
  • Exposure Time: Can be adjusted from 20 to 190 seconds.

Control Panel Features:

  • Temperature selection and control.
  • Selection of exposure time and speed.
  • Forward, Stop, Reverse.
  • Safety reset.

Benefits of the Production Tale

  • The table is removable, allowing for roll-to-roll or piece production.
  • Ideal for the production of sportswear and garments using stretchable or non-stretchable fabric.
  • Works with tacky or non-tacky paper.


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