Graphtec Vinyl Cutters FC8600 Series


Excellent prices and support for the Grahptec FC8600 series vinyl cutters from 24″ models to 64″ professional large production vinyl cutters. We offer a wide variety of package options to suit your needs, many with additional software upgrades.

30 in Graphtec FC8600-75 Series Vinyl Cutters

24 in Graphtec FC8600-60 Series Vinyl Cutters

42 in Graphtec FC8600-100 Series Vinyl Cutters

54 in Graphtec FC8600-130 Series Vinyl Cutters

64 in Graphtec FC8600-160 Series Vinyl Cutters

About Graphtec FC8600 Series

The recently updated Graphtec FC8600 vinyl cutter sets an industry standard for quality and durability, and is now an even more powerful tool for any professional in the search of the highest-quality and most technically-advanced cutter on the market. Graphtec’s sophisticated and proprietary technology, the Tangential Control mode, allows for complete elimination of distorted, rounded, or lifted corners, even when highly intricate design cutting is required. This innovative features allows the Graphtec FC8600 to cut small text strings on vinyl. It also features:

  • LCD Control Panel
  • Dual User Configuration function
  • factory installed Ethernet capability
  • Enhanced ARMS (Auto Registration Mark Sensor) with optical sensor for auto alignment
  • Impressive 600 grams of force and up to 49 feet of tracking accuracy
  • Every Graphtec FC8600 also includes a stand and media basket
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